Next to prayer, music is the heart-blood of Toronto West.
Whether it is the drums, the piano, the bass guitar, the violin, the pan, voices acapella or accompanied, praises and pleas alike are lifted up to God through music.

At Toronto West we strive to augment our worship services with music that seeks both inclusion and excellence.
Donned with multiple choirs and groups, we pride ourselves in our passion for music ministry and aim to impact lives according to the mission and vision of Toronto West SDA.

TWest Music
Looking for inspiration? Check out the music we’ve showcased on our stream for your listening (and viewing) pleasure.

Majestic, mixed in nature, is the main choral unit providing music ministry to the Toronto West SDA Church. We are open to all those who prefer a mixed style gospel of music.

Yes to Life
A powerful, popular package of praise delivering gospel music with raw power, energy and exuberance. For those interested in the more traditional forms of American gospel music inspired by names like Richard Smallwood or Kirk Franklin, this choir is for you.

Children of Promise
A dynamic children choir that challenges our young ones to grow and value the power in ministry through music. Traditionally, members in COP begin their musical journey’s later developing musical skills to further contribute to the ministry at Toronto West SDA.

F.R.E.S.H. offers unapologetic praise and worship with the intent to engage young people through ministry. FRESH prides itself with enthusiasm towards God-centered music ministry within and outside of the church.

2021 Music Committee Role Descriptions
At Toronto West, the Music department pushes itself to innovate and adapt to further the evangelistic goals of the church through collaboration, leadership, and skills development. If you are interested in seeing what we are about, check out some of our role descriptions below.