What is Stewardship?

A steward is one who manages or masters the affairs of another, that has been entrusted to him. What does this mean for us? It means then, we have become into partnership with God and will need to take care of his assets, that he has entrusted to us, his children, here on earth.

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The word stewardship is often seen to be associated with tithing and offering only.

When we rediscover God’s plan for us in our lives and the plan for HIS church, we see God as our creator and we his representatives on earth! This means so much more than money. (Eph 3:16-19; 2 Cor 9: 7; 1 Cor 4: 2)

Tithing is a test of loyal to God as owner of all things and Offering is a test of how we respond to the Lord and his blessings in our lives. This is where we encounter the Holy Spirit and grow spiritually. This is where every activity is subject to divine guidance and divine determination and shows our true devotion to God and a spirit of sacrifice.

Therefore, stewardship is the only measure of acceptance in our faithfulness to God as our Father & Partner in all things. Stewardship affects all areas of our lives such as our Time, how we use our Talents, how we take care of our Temple / Our Bodies and the respect and care of the Environment we give and Our Finances, which is still the biggest competitor with God in our lives.

When the Lord returns, will he find that we did manage to find a balance in all these aspects of partnership with Him as our Master and we as his Stewards?

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